Creative Vision for Women/Teens N2 Creative Success 2017 Preview Motivational Back-to-School Conference "I Have A Dream 2"

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City of Glenarden - "The Gold Room", 8600 Glenarden Parkway, Glenarden, Maryland 20706

CVFW will host a preview conference of justification and expectation for the 2017 Motivational Back-to-School, "I Have A Dream 2" and the 1 year birthing celebration for Teen N2 Creative Success. Refreshment and snacks will be served. We will have treat bags for the kids. Parents and Teens are invited. Tickets $10.00, parent and 1 teen $12.00. All proceeds will go to the sponsorship for the 2017 Motivational Back-to-School Conference. http://creativevisionforwomen.com/events/tickets