Who We Are

My name is Anne Sewell, CEO & Founder of Creative Vision for Women (CVFW), a non-profit community-based organization. Our mission is to assist and enhance the yearning necessities of women to pursue their dreams and desires into creative success. The organization's main target is "at risk" women from various social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds; many of whom are the product of troubled homes, low self-esteem, low scholastic achievements, and challenging social and economic environments. 

The primary goal is to motivate and inspire troubled women to choose a path of positive growth to aid them in realizing their dreams and enjoy a successful future. The goal also is after being inspired to success-pass it forward and use your life experience and positive choices to inspire others to pursue their goals.

CVFW is a brain child born out of my personal desire to motivate women to be the best of themselves. This organizational birth was a result of my vision that enveloped me in 2006 as a dream that must be brought to fruition. I acknowledged that I must take actions to aid and redirect troubled women from their paths of self-destruction. CVFW now has an impressive history of successfully motivating troubled women to first believe that they are worthy of excellence in life and, secondly, "get on the right path" towards achieving their dreams. 

Later we expanded our vision and developed a subsidiary which is Teens N2 Creative Success. The mission is to assist, motivate, escalate and enhance the inner ability to grasp their dream and visions. On October 31, 2015, after months of planning, CVFW held a birthing meeting for the event, "I Have A Dream 2" teen conference. This event is profiled as a back-to-school motivational conference. This will be a power packed event of motivating, inspiring, educating and interacting with teens. The workshops will address issues our teens face daily. 

We Inspire, Educate and Enhance your creativity and we need you to come and join our team of sponsors.

Anne Sewell CEO & Founder